Marble Moon

by Marble Moon

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take Marble Moon for a spin and embark on an interdimensional voyage from folk to jazz, from goof to gag, from up to down and back around. 3, 2, 1, blast off! :^)


released February 17, 2017


music and words by Marble Moon


Marble Moon:
Lincoln All
Brian Buggy
Aaron Lindsay
Michael Wall

& friends:
Max Bittker - Art
Mary Fator - Vocals (tracks 3, 5, 7, 10, 11)
Zac Lijewski - Viola (tracks 1, 2, 10)
Ignatius Marino - Saxophone (track 11)
Alan Pochmara - Vocals (tracks 7, 11)
Manel Bach Ramires - Mastering Engineer
Nelson Rivera - Saxophone (tracks 4, 11)
Taylor Simmons - Trumpet (tracks 3, 6, 11), Vocals (tracks 7, 11)
Evan Vasquez - Assistant Engineer


a Turkey Burger Studios production
recorded at Turkey Burger Studios
& Founders Studio at Nazareth College




all rights reserved


Marble Moon Rochester, New York

four boys ripped from the same tip

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Track Name: Sunshine on My Brain
i am wanting for longer days
with clouds laid out thick like paint in the light
i want to fix the sunshine on my brain
as my garden blooms with garlic and romaine

i am an ice cube on the eve of spring
waiting to melt down into everything
i want to fix the sunshine on my brain
deep in my bones,
i know
you know
we are the same

i want to fix the sunshine on my brain
Track Name: Innernette
uhhmmmmnnnehhh weauhuhhhhh
uhhhh ughleeavaeyyy

please give me a dog
i want to feel loved again
some second thoughts
it's cloudy and i hate it

would i be happier if i loved the taste of melon
or grew up to have a sense of direction?

can we just watch some videos of
interspecies friends
on the
i n n e r n e t t e ?
i want to get out of my head for a bit

i'll love that dog
i named him Sufjan
when morning comes,
i'll be happy
Track Name: Paris Green Blues
i'd never seen a sight so pretty 'til
the fog rolled


and settled through
the roads that led the vanguard
in our headlamp view

the fire over Akureyri,
it left my eyes alight in its crimson hues
from spark, the world ignites in
the Paris green blues
Track Name: Bagel Song
there's a stale bagel when i wake up
an unstrung shoelace on the ground
throw it away and feel bad
do nothing all day but feel bad
and what's the point in that?

you would always
tell me
don't spend too much
time alone
well, look at me now!
i'm still finding new things in space
i still want to be okay

everything i do is unremarkable
everything that happens is somethin else
need to remember that
Track Name: Wisps
the wisps are in town,
cheshire smiles glinting in the woodwork knots
and chittering from the attic,
and there are wind chimes over the sill,
and they sing the sweetest song
that pulls like the moon,
up the stairs,
past glossy Julias and Mandelbrots
and swollen gobs of fiberglass,
where sun slivers nest in the shadows,
and the world is radiant,
and we glisten in the dusty billows
Track Name: Maze
if it's all the same to you,
i need a change
i've held the same shade of blue too long in my blood

i'm glad we came
we'll number thoughts in 2s
i'm here to stay
i'll rest both of my eyes on you

our voices wash over the pond
pastel from bank to bank
soft, warm, and lush
how long til we lose it?

from the heights of the trees,
how far i can see!
honey, i can prove it
let's bury it deep
i know it will be worth it

and if it's all the same to you,
we'll carve a place
an autumnal maze in the roots

i'll rest my eyes on you
Track Name: Rosey Eyes
i watch my friend
get on that bus again
and there ain't nothin in his head
but the thoughts that sit all limp
and scream of 'shoulda did's and 'coulda been's

as the other split that deer in two,
she wondered what its mother's gonna do
when she finds it sitting limp and
screaming with its hooves beside its

when does it end?
i've got those thoughts again — the ones that permeate the bed,
and i guess that,
no matter what i do,
i see everything through a tinted lens
the mirror stares back
it can't stand the view
"oh man, what's that fucker gonna do next?
my bet's that there ain't nothin
pounding loud inside that chest"

i remember that we left the yard with
clover braids and id cards and
you met my eyes when we told each other that it's not so far

i remember how we'd separate from
isenthalpic love's embrace
the truth gets chased with the tap to
drown out the aftertaste

my muscles? oh, they never do what i tell them to
who knew there could be a group of such lazy dudes?
i blame my mom
i blame the curtains
i blame the thermostat and the bedsheets
i blame everyone but me